About Us

Almos Auto was established in 2011 by an Ex Senior Manager of Royal Enfield with over 20 years in Royal Enfield in various function like motorcycle sale, motorcycle service and most important and critical function spare parts.

The company is an effervescent and energetic organization where state-of-the art technology is a standard in business practice and communications. A highly skilled and passionate workforce makes every effort to give quality service to their customers. The company is well recognized as a one of the leading players in Royal Enfield spare parts and accessories business.

We are engaged in producing high quality Royal Enfield spare parts and accessories under the brand name Almos.
We aim to offer high quality products at a competitive price through adequate distribution channels and ample promotion through word of mouth to reach a long running  litany  of satisfied customers.

ALMOS products can be split into the following groups:

  • Royal Enfield Motorcycle Spare Parts
  • Royal Enfield Motorcycle Accessories
  • Royal Enfield Rider Accessories
  • Side Cars

Almos Auto is totally dedicated to meet requirements of Royal Enfield customer’s worldwide.