Aerosal Paint Spary Motorcycle And Car

Aerosal Paint Spary Motorcycle And Car

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Product Feature:-

This product is made the advanced petroleum manufacturing techniques.

it is easy to use and gives an even and fine spraying surface.

The product possesses multiple strengths including weather resistant, hard,soft&durable, abrasion resistance of strong adhesion and provides long-lasting colorings.

It should be widely used in spraying and repairing surfaces of metal, wood, glass, leather, porcelain, and many other kinds of material.


1. Remove thoroughly the oil soil, water stain, and dust of the object's surface that needs lacquering before application.

2. Fill and level up the place with rust remover.

3. Shake the can for about 2 minutes before lacquering .until the lacquer liquid mixes very well.

4. Apply some lacquer on a testing board at the beginning to make sure the color selected is correct.

5.15-30cm away from the surface of the object to be spayed press down the spray head with the index finger and lacquer to and fro at a uniform speed.

6. In case of little lacquer that can not be ejected, please turn the nozzle 180 and try again.

7. If the lacquer is not finished after lacquering before storage please turn the lacquer can upside down and press down the spray head for 3 seconds to clean up the lacquer remaining for fear of blocking.


1. Keep out of reach of children, extremely flammable, pressurized dispenser.

2. Keep in a cool place and dry place with a temperature below 40 c don't put it in the car.

3. If swallowed, induce vomiting at once and then get medical help.

4. If in eyes wash out with large amount water if irritation persists, contact a doctor.

5. The net weight and gross weight will be change with time it's normal for the product like aerosol wastage rate is not more than 2% year.

Used Can Treatment:-

1. Turned the used can upside down on some old newspaper or in a dustbin. Press the spray head for about 2 minutes to eliminate the rest material in it.